Urban Writ officially started in 1998 when I lived in a trendy downtown Seattle neighborhood called Belltown.

It was a way for friends and others to find out what restaurants and clubs I liked or even a way to find me on a Saturday night. Now we have Twitter Mobile for that!

My first official story per say was the week of Sept. 11th 2001 on how the crisis of 9/11 had a physiological affect on people, mainly heightened testosterone in men and a fight-or-flight psychological response in many others. How I came up with that topic is another story that I may reveal it to another human someday…Only one other person knows about it and he is a journalist. Luckily I don’t know where he is and now I don’t have to kill him.

Since then Urban Writ has been used for marketing, web promotion and web resources and has now landed as a web variety blog on politics, nutrition, marketing, business, art, web entertainment and whatever the hell else I feel like writing about.

I love promoting other peoples stuff online and off. If you have a great cause, business or blog, I’m down with it and here for you!

Belltown is my old stomping ground and my urban sprawl has extended to the the World Wide Web and has been my hood ever since.

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Have a great day today and thanks for stopping by!
Jordan 🙂