100% Free Online Education

“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” — Mark Twain

100 Ivy League Courses
Check out the many courses listed at the Eduk8 site. Some of the more fun courses
to take: languages, media, and fine arts. Great for research too.

Court’s Marketing School
Learn about the world of online marketing with Courtney Tuttles comprehensive blog.

Cyber Law
Plenty of documents and seminars from the University of Michigan and many other top level U’s. Wonderful research material for cyber-ethics, commerce and communication.

Digital Photography School
Darren Rowse of Problogger has the one and only free online digital photography school. Sign up for the newsletter it’s totally worth it.

Free Degree University!
Finally someone is using their head. Education is about experience and what you negotiate. FDU is just that. Not entirely free (processing fee) as it might as well be considering what you would pay for years of education. More and more people are tuning in to self study simply because you learn more. Create your own education curriculum and actually get credit for it.

Free Education Online – Unofficial Berkeley OCW
Great selection of open course ware from Berkeley and other universities.

Free Online Computer Lessons
This is a high school course in computer basics. This is more comprehensive
than some courses you would pay for at a community college.

Great resources for students and teachers alike.
FREE stands for: Free Resources for Educational Excellence

Study and prepare for General Education Development in your area. ESL
students can greatly benefit from this site as well as those wanting to brush up
on basic math skills.

Free GED
More General Education Development study in your area.

Master Photoshop in 1 Week!
This helpful blog post may as well be everything you need to know about Photoshop
to get you well on your way to mastering it.

MIT Open Course Ware
You read that right. Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers
it’s information for free. Great for research!

Is a GED not good enough for you? Get a real high school diploma at your own pace for free!

The National External Diploma Program can be found in many states in the US.

Neuroscience for Kids
Excellent site from the University of Washington.

Open UW
University of Washington extension course ware.

School of Thinking
Everyone should take this course! Sign up and get Daily Software for the Brain
and advance leadership courses. Very fun and one of the most important courses
you will ever take. I’ve been a student since 1998!

The Homeschool Mom
Lesson plans, curriculum, organization and activities for homeschooling your children K-12,

Typing Lessons
The faster you can type with fewer errors the better. Brush up or get away from hunting and pecking with this easy to use typing course. Typing is one of the most useful courses you can take in the information age.

USQ Open Course Ware
What do they teach in Australia you ask? Take a look! Very comprehensive and much different than a lot of course you will find in the US. Aussies have a very different way of thinking.

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