3 Questions to Ask Yourself


What? What? What?

There are three questions you should be asking yourself every single day and they all start with What.

The first question:

What am I?
Not who am I. What am I.

Asking who you are is not the same as what you are. We all have the same two titles somehow and that is you are either a daughter or a son. Other titles include sister, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, mother, great grandfather…and not everyone will share those titles. However you will always share the titles of daughter or son. They are equal. One is female and the other is male.

Not much of a difference is there. That is still who you are and not what you are.

Who you are is the job you have, the clothes you wear and the things you do.

For me when I ask who am I, I am a female with a first and last name, I have a number that represents how many years I’ve been on the planet, I drive a Mercedes, own some property and use a Hewlett-Packard PC. I’m a film maker, a nutritionist, a counselor, a student, a writer, a publisher and I work for myself to earn a living.

These are some of the things I DO.

What I am is what happens when I strip away all my titles. In simple terms, have you ever read the book or seen the movie Fight Club? A famous line is “You’re not your fuckin’ khakis.” You are also not your debt and that is why they blow up the TWR buildings in the end so that everyone had a clean slate so to speak. For many being linked to an Experian or Equifax credit report somehow represents what people think they are.

What are you then?

You like everyone else started out as a Oneness and then you split. You took motion and replicated and are infinite.

Think of your body like it is a car. You get in it and you drive it. Some people take really good care of their vehicles and other crash and mangle them or never get tune ups or repairs then ask why the vehicle is not performing like it is supposed to. Some cars end up in a scrap heap while others continue along nicely until the owner decides to pick up another vehicle.

There is a comparison that I have found between Christianity and Hinduism. Jesus says to get this life right if not then you get to die. In Hinduism you are to get your life right to reach Nirvana (Heaven) and if you don’t you will continue to reincarnate until you do. Is the resurrection of Christ an example of eternal Nirvana if you live your life right?

Now getting back to the question to ask yourself: What am I?

The point is people think they are their religions and beliefs. They think they are what their career dictates or what others tell them they are to them.

Another mistake people make is thinking that others will make you complete. You are responsible for your own happiness and no one can make you happy per say. When you look to others to fulfill that which you think you are, you will be terribly disappointed.

You are a Oneness that split and continued to split and is now Infinite. If you can wrap your head around that then the question is simple. Ask yourself everyday What am I? as a reminder as to what you are. When you grasp that and intuition takes over ask yourself…

What do I know?
What do you know? You know the answer to the first question.

What else do you know? Ask yourself. You know you are One that split and continued to do so. What else do you know? Emotions are physical and physical is not what you are. You operate the machine and you can switch off emotions like a light.

What else do you know?

Here is an example and another movie by comparison (gotta love those late 90’s flicks) The Matrix.

What is the matrix? Picture the matrix as a sponge and you as water. This giant sponge tries to suck you up and you get stuck in all the little air pockets and notice…you are not a part of the sponge and you never will be. You will never be cohesive with the sponge. The sponge is just a holding cell if you allow it to be.

Until you know What You Are, and Know What you Know only then can you demand to be released or squeezed out of the sponge.

What is the sponge or the matrix? The matrix are your khakis. Simple.

Know that you can peel what you think you are apart just like an onion and when all the layers are gone what is left? Down to where the last piece of onion appeared to be. That’s right not the onion.

Know that you only give existence to certain things. “There is no spoon.” There is only a spoon if you say so.

Here is another example of knowing and trying to know: Philosophy Exam


Now that you know WHAT YOU ARE and WHAT YOU KNOW you can ask yourself…

What do I want?
What DO you want? What do you KNOW to get what you want? When I ask that question and when you do too, do you still want the things that you think define you? Do you still need an iPod or a Mac to define you? Music to let others (who don’t know what they are and could care less about you) know what defines you?

Once you answer the first two questions and they start to sink in and you know…you will see how silly all the wants you wanted or already have are no comparison for WHAT YOU ARE or WHAT YOU KNOW and what you REALLY want.

You will want more out of life. When you know certain things it is easier to obtain the things that you want in life. When you align yourself with WHAT YOU ARE and WHAT YOU KNOW…WHAT YOU WANT will be handed to you. All the benefits that come with WHAT YOU WANT will follow.

When you ask people what they want generally people will say something related to love (acceptance) and money (acceptance if you have some).

Let’s take money. What is money? You know what money is, it’s paper. The matrix of money is acceptance. There is a money reality and that is what money buys you, and you attach yourself to it and there is an actuality of what money is: that is how you use it.

Money is what value you give it. If you give it negative value you are left with debt. If you give it positive conotations and know that money branches out, just like you do and keeps spliting and splitting then you end up with unlimited resources (or money in this case).

If paper paper money disappears there will still be a monetary like system that will be endless.

When you answer the first two questions and are firm on them you will come to KNOW that money is not really what most people want.

Let’s take the Law of Attraction for example. Personally I don’t like the Law of Attraction and see it as pop-culture and a way to sell alot of spin off products which will be useless to most who purchase them.

If you look at the Law of Attraction and start doing more research and not take it at face value, you will see thare are other alternatives like say the Law of Sucess or the Law of Love.

Here is where the Law of Attraction goes astray for me. If you are a negative person you will always attract what you don’t want. You can grin and bear it and deep down inside you will always get what you think you are. Negativity. When you make the concious change to be grateful yes you will start to attract some positives in your life. If that optimism is only on the surface and you haven’t dealth with other issues what do you think your going to attract? More of the same.

So the Law of Success is far more attractive and uses the same principals yet has a different outcome. What do you get with the Law of Attraction? What you sow? What do you get with the Law of Sucess? If you work at it and pay attention you will get what sucess means to you and no body else.

You give existence, like the students who acknowledged the chair to what you want or don’t want in life.

Sucess seems so much more pleasant than just attracting what you’ve already got!

Unless it’s sucess of course…

Which of the three WHATS do you find the hardest or easiest and why?

Please post your answers in the comments section.