Best Places to Find Winning Ideas for Bloggers

Blogging isn’t seen with very good eyes these days because people tend to believe that bloggers are lazy individuals that would rather sit at their desks and write a few words per day that get out there and get a real job.

We, the bloggers, know how nerve-racking and generally difficult blogging is. We have to take care of a ton of variables and to polish our writing skills so that our articles don’t become stale. read more


New Urban Writ Blog!

Urban Writ here on Blogspot comes up a lot in the searches although I have redirected the URL to my own hosting.

So you can see the new site at it’s original domain:

The new site is still a place for writers, publishers, link building, directory submissions. To me some of the info is deep news that the mainstream will not report on. So, I have added a lot of conspiracy news or videos that I find interesting or are made by friends. read more

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

What? What? What?

There are three questions you should be asking yourself every single day and they all start with What.

The first question:

What am I?
Not who am I. What am I.

Asking who you are is not the same as what you are. We all have the same two titles somehow and that is you are either a daughter or a son. Other titles include sister, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, mother, great grandfather…and not everyone will share those titles. However you will always share the titles of daughter or son. They are equal. One is female and the other is male. read more